Alaska Youth Orchestras
Performing Director Description

Performing Directors are current season musicians who have been selected to represent their peers in our leadership development program and are the musicians’ voice to the AYS Association Board of Directors. They are AYO’s ambassadors to the public and to other AYO musicians. They strive to embody AYO’s Vision, Mission, and Values as stated in the AYO Handbook.

They serve together on a committee with a sponsor – a member of the AYO Board of Directors who will serve as a mentor to this leadership group. The Performing Director committee will meet on a schedule they determine and will send a spokesperson to AYO board meetings for the purpose of reporting on their activities to the full board. Performing Directors will address both proscribed and self-determined issues. Proscribed issues will be assigned by the AYO board and communicated via the Board Sponsor.

The Performing Director requirements:
– Be available to meet no less than once per month either in person or by telephone/computer on a schedule mutually determined.
– Choose a spokesperson for AYO board meetings (this assignment may rotate).
– Represent sections of the orchestra as assigned and act as a liaison to aid in communication between members, staff, and the AYO board.
– Complete projects assigned by the AYO Board on a schedule mutually determined.

The Performing Directors may also:
– Bring issues of importance/concern to the AYO Board by way of their spokesperson, under the guidance of their sponsor.
– Serve as a point of contact for members in need of information and/or assistance.
– Choose a project for the season under the guidance of their sponsor and with the approval of the full AYO board.


– Represent an assigned section of the AYS 2020-21 orchestra
– Establish communication with assigned section
– Communicate with section musicians in keeping with AYO’s Code of Conduct
– Meet once a month
– Pick a mutually agreed upon meeting time and method under the direction of the Board Sponsor