Alaska Youth Orchestras concert programs feature full-color front and back pages, music program notes, senior profiles, musician roster, editorial content, photos and advertisements. Concert programs are distributed at our three concert performances at The Alaska Center for the Performing Arts and remain available on our website for further exposure. 

Website Advertising Space is also available on Alaska Youth Orchestras website: With over 48,000 page visits every year,

space is limited.

  • Web Ad includes:

  1. One year website Ad placement 

  2. Full color artwork (Width: 185 pixels, Height: 140 Pixels)

  3. Link to your business/organization website


Alaska Youth Orchestras

Concert Program & Website Advertising


Concert Program/Website Advertising

Past Concert Programs

​​​Alaska Youth Orchestras



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Alaska Youth Orchestras:

-First and foremost, encourages all students to participates in their school orchestra and/or band 
-Is a registered 501(c)(3)
-Is not a part of the Anchorage School District therefore receives no Federal Funds 

​​​​Alaska Youth Orchestras Concert Program & Website advertising is a professional and targeted way to advertise your business, align yourself with a thriving arts organization, reach affluent and community-engaged patrons and support Alaska's oldest youth orchestra.

For over 50 years AYO remains as one of the most prominent performing arts organizations in Alaska with music for all tastes from Classical to Pop. As a federally registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, revenue from program advertising sales offsets the cost of the actual printing of the publication, allowing additional funds raised throughout the season to go directly to artistic and educational programs.

Past Concert Programs